Spectrum Cora Suction Sink Sponge Holder Grey

  • $14.89

Keep your scrub brush and sponge ready to go at all times, yet out of the way when not needed, with the Cora sink cradle gray and clear from Spectrum. Spectrum provides innovative storage and organization solutions for all your household storage needs. 
With no tools or installation required and non-damaging to cabinet or vanity surfaces, they make the perfect storage solution for college dorms, apartments, bathrooms and bedrooms.
Product Features
Decorative holes on the bottom allow excess water to drain ensuring sponges stay fresh and mildew-free.
Two strong suction cups firmly adhere to most smooth surfaces.
Made of durable plastic with soft rubber grip edging helps keep items in place and offers a pop of contrasting color.
No tools or installation required
Dimension: approx (W) 11.43 x (D) 5.71 x (H) 7.62cm