Slackers Ninja Rings Set of 2 with Hanging Rope for Ninjaline Outdoor Play

  • $35.90

Set of 2 easy to grab Ninjaline Ring obstacles

Each ring hangs from a colourful 10” UV-resistant nylon rope with included delta carabiner for easy attachment to a Slackers Ninjaline, play structure or indoor gym

For Ages 5+

Holds up to 250 lbs

More Info

Made from the same ABS material as Slackers Traverse Rings, the Ninja Rings are a perfect starter obstacle for the kids’ Ninjaline and obstacle course!

Each of the easy to grab rings hangs from a colourful 10” nylon rope. Add the rings to any open pocket on your Ninjaline or add extra attachment points using our Grip Clips!

Specs + Material

Two (2) durable 6” Ninja Rings hanging from 10” Nylon UV-resistant rope

UV resistant rings

What’s in the box?

2 x 5” Ninja Rings with nylon rope

2 x Steel carabineer delta clips

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