Trybike 4 in 1 Wooden Tricycle Balance Bike Brown Saddle Seat Chin Protector

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Learning to ride a bike has never been this much fun, or so easy!

The Trybike teaches children to walk and ride, they are safety tested for children from 12 months of age, and we recommend the bikes for children from 18 months of age.

The saddle seat cover and safety pad protection are in dark brown and are easy to change (pink is also available).

The first setting is the low tricycle mode which offers a child support while starting to walk and ride.

You can then easily convert the low tricycle to a low bicycle. This is when the next stage of riding starts, keeping one's balance.

The next setting is the high balance bike. Just flip the frame and create the highest wooden balance bike on the market.

The fourth setting, the tricycle in high position, serves primarily for fun or for extra support. Children with a disability and children who find it difficult to keep their balance will benefit from the high tricycle.

Trybike designed their bikes to minimise the turning circle that allows for easier manoeuvring.

Starting children off on a balance bike is a fantastic way to build their balancing skills giving them a great foundation in preparing to ride a pedal bike. 

Trybike choose the best materials and components to build these bikes; steel spoked wheels with pneumatic tyres (for a cushioned ride and better grip), high quality sealed cartridge ball bearings, strong steel shaft axles and a durable weatherproof marine birch plywood frame.

Easy to assemble and to convert with two allen keys and one screwdriver.

Seat Height: Adjustable from 27cm to 50cm. 

1: Low Tricycle age indication: approximately 18 months to approximately 2.5 years.

2: Low Bike age indication: approximately 2 years to approximately 4 years.

3: High Bike age indication: approximately 3.5 years to approximately 5 years.

4: High Tricycle for children who need extra support. 

25kg maximum rider weight.

Suitable for ages: 12+ months


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