Houdini Click N Lock Child Car Seat Belt Safety Buckle Guard Click and Lock

  • $28.90

The latest Houdini Stopper - Your answer to the escapee in a booster seat. 

Simple, safe, effective.

Keeps car trips safe and frustration free.

Stop inquisitive children & unsuspecting adults from accidently releasing the vehicles seat belt. Relax knowing your children are still safely 'clicked' in their booster seats and your smaller child's harnessed car seat is still fully installed in your vehicle.

Using a Houdini Click N Lock means you will no longer need to be constantly checking the rear view mirror, and you can once again drive worry free, knowing your wee Houdini is no longer going to be joining you in the front seat or climbing all over the back seat.

It is simple to install and fits most standard top release vehicle seat belt buckles.

Simply pop it on over the top of your vehicles safety belt buckle and buckle your child up as usual.

Once you arrive at your destination and you want to release the seat belt. You can do so with 2 easy release options.Either simply press the red button in on the side of the Houdini Click N Lock, and pull the Click N Lock forward towards the child. Then press the now exposed red seat belt buckle release as normal.

or..............Keep the Houdini Click N Lock fully closed. Press the seat belt buckle's red release button through the release slot in the top of the Houdini Click N Lock by inserting your car key. 

You can then either reclose the Click N Lock and leave it on the vehicle seat belt buckle, or pop it safely away in the glove box for the next journey.

Click here to see the product in action.

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