Happy Hopperz White Small Cow Inflatable Hopper Bouncer Toy 12mths+

  • $59.49

Happy Hopperz are a collection of bright, inflatable animals that not only rival the space hoppers of the 1970's but take BOUNCING to a whole new level. 
The Small Cow has ears & horns for children to grip on to and feet to steady the bounce. 
Designed to be durable, soft and flexible, all Hopperz are supplied with a hand pump for inflation.
Happy Hopperz are made from EU approved phthalates free pvc and contain no heavy metal elements. 
Helps Children develop Co-ordination and Balance.
Proven to Strengthen Core Muscles and promotes Spacial Awareness.
Grippable ears and 4 wide steady feet give children stability and enable them to play safely. 
Ideal Therapeutic Aids - used by Occupational and Physio Therapsists nationwide.
Ideal for both indoor or outdoor play. 
Suitable for 12 mths - 2.5yrs 
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