Dreambaby Stroller Pram Shopping Bag Hook Carabiner 2 Pack Large & Small

  • $18.95

Dreambaby® Stroller Hooks are a brilliant tool for getting about your daily business while your child is in a pram or stroller. They can hold heavy duty items including handbags, shopping bags and much more, giving you free hands and reducing back pain.

Going shopping and running errands can be particularly stressful if you are bringing your children with you. Strollers can be heavy, and it can be difficult to carry bags around at the same time. Luckily, Dreambaby® Stroller Hooks can do the work for you!

Soft, heavy-duty handle that clips easily onto almost every stroller;

Padded handle creates friction and won’t slide down;

Contains two stroller hooks of different sizes, for even more convenience;

Easily opens with one hand;

Holds a great deal of weight including shopping bags, nappy bags, handbags and more;

Much easier than searching around under the pram or stroller for every item you need throughout the day

Warning. Ensure not to overload stroller so that stroller does not tip over.
Please note these are not for climbing.

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