Dreambaby Mag Lock Key Magnetic Cabinet Drawer Baby Safety

  • $21.90

The Dreambaby Mag Lock Key is for use with the Dreambaby Magnetic Locking System, the ultimate child safety product. Hidden inside cupboards and drawers, the locks can only be released with the use of the powerful Magnetic Key.

The Dreambaby Magnetic Locking System works exclusively with the Mag Lock Key to secure cupboards and doors and help keep little ones safe from accidents.

Simply install the Mag Lock (not included) to the inside of the cupboard or drawer.

Automatically locks when the door or drawer closes.

To release, simply place the Magnetic Key on the outside of the cupboard or drawer and turn.

Convenient disengaging clip means door can remain unlocked when necessary.

Not visible from the outside.

Requires Mag Lock - Sold separately - This sale is for the Key only

Suitable for cabinets thickness from 12mm (0.5") to 28mm (1.1").

Key comes in clear sealed cellophane bag

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