Dreambaby Fold Down Sliding Door & Window Lock Latch Clear Baby Safety

  • $10.70

Dreambaby® Sliding Door & Window Locks (2 pack) help you keep curious children safe around glass sliding doors and windows whether your little one is a climber, a crawler, an acrobat or a jumper.

Dreambaby® Sliding Door & Window Locks are an invaluable addition to your home safety checklist if you need to keep children safe from the risks associated with sliding doors and windows.

Limits the width of the gap a sliding door or window can open so that a child can’t slip out unnoticed. 

Particularly useful if you live in a high rise apartment, have an unfenced yard, or live near a busy road. 

Transparent and applied with super-strong adhesive. 

Suitable for glass and most other surfaces. 

To open, simply release the pin and open door or window as normal. 

Extra peace of mind for when you can’t be everywhere at once.

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