Bonikka Soft Ragdoll Cherub Baby Boy Blue Doll Toy 32cm 0m+

  • $34.90

Suitable from Birth

The perfect starter doll, baby dolls are a soothing toy ideal for toddlers. Also ideal for little girls or boys who are looking for a doll to care for and nurture.

Soft & safe, this collection of dolls are designed as soothing companions for toddlers. Baby Dolls are also an ideal development aid as they offer opportunities for developing cognitive, fine motor, and self-help skills as well as aiding in pretend-play and instilling the concepts of nurturing in toddlers.

Baby Boy Doll would make a lovely gift for your special little person.
Bonikka is a beautifully crafted family of rag dolls, designed to stand the test of time much like the enduring love that accompanies its gifting.

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