Baba Sling Baby Carrier Boutique Cream Leopard

Baba Sling Baby Carrier Boutique Cream Leopard

  • $110.25

Baba Slings The Original Since 1999

Baba Slings, allow you 7 different comfortable positions to cater for your baby's changing moods and needs throughout the day.

Carry Bub from Birth up to 4 years.

With discreet hands free Breast feeding, you can have the life you want and remain connected to your little one as you go.

Great for Jet setters, public transport and Parents at home with a family to run.

Baba Slings are easy wearing with a specially imported buckle, comfortable padding and safety strap.

They are fully adjustable for both Mum and Dad, with a double strapping system. By putting no stress on baby's developing hips & spine you can have peace of mind that you are doing the very best for your baby.

Baba Slings are Fully Adjustable, this is a very important point when looking at purchasing a Baby Sling or Baby Carrier. It means that not only can both Mum and Dad use it without having to purchase 2 different Slings, but also as Baby grows into Toddlerhood, the Baba Sling can be adjusted out to fit.

Another important point is that Baba Slings can be tweaked to find the most comfortable fit whilst wearing baby.


*Easy to Adjust (both Dad and Mum can wear)
*Inbuilt safety strap and buckle
*Specially imported high quality side release ski buckle with divider for straps
*Double adjustable strapping system
*Comfortable foam shoulder padding
*100% Cotton
*Funky colours and patterns + plain colours (see our other listings for more designs)
*Padded railings, greater comfort for baby
*Most designs are Australian Made
*Machine washable
*Meets Highest Quality Control
*Extended use; from birth 2years+
*Brilliant for sleeping and breast feeding babies
*Easy to put on, even easier to take off
(dont have to wake up Bub!)
*7 different positions
*Increase the intimacy between you and little one
*Puts no pressure on Babys developing hips and spine.
*Supports neck and head
*Enhances Prolaction flows which aids in Breast feeding
*Cuts down on crying and fussing, reduces reflux and colic

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