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Officially Licensed BBC Doctor Who - The Twelfth Doctor's Second Sonic Screwdriver (Sound & Light FX)

In the season 9 finale, Hell Bent, the Doctor reestablished himself as Doctorish by donning his red velvet jacket again. He ALSO got a brand new sonic screwdriver, after leaving the Matt Smith model for young Davros and using exclusively Sonic Sunglasses throughout the year.

The new sonic is TARDIS blue and features4 light modes and 4 sound effects. The model has been designed as a replica from the Series 9 Prop.

The Doctor's multipurpose tool features numerous settings. It can open most locks, detect all manner of deadly rays, read bio-signs and can generate sonic waves of great power. It does, however, have a bit of trouble effecting wood...

The Doctor has carried man Sonic Screwdrivers of various designs throughout his lifetimes, ranging from a simple silver couloured tube to more complex illuminated and articulated versions. For a while he eschewed the classic hand-held Screwdriver in favour of a pair of 'hands'free' Sonic Shades, but now he's gone back to using a more conventional device.

This latest version is brighter and more complex than before. Time will tell if it gets the Doctor into more trouble than it helps him out of!