Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap Classic Baby Safety Sleep Wrap

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Most Parents and Caregivers struggling to gain a full nights sleep due to an unsettled baby and or anxiety, choose to use the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap babywrap.
This babywrap provides a safer sleeping environment for your baby by helping to prevent tummy sleeping, creeping into potentially dangerous and/or cold positions, falls from cots, cribs and beds.
This simple, effective babywrap has been Hospital clinically proven to give a safer, more stable and comfortable back or side sleeping position for your baby.
A babywrap safely used by hundreds and thousands of babies worldwide since 1992!
As your baby grows the Sleepwrap babywrap can be used to assist with the transition from bassinette, or hammock to cot/crib and again from cot/crib to "big beds".
All Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap babywraps help ensure a safer sleeping position and assist with keeping a nice head shape when your baby is young. This babywrap was designed to also give parents a few extra moments to attend to an older baby on waking, there by minimizing the likelyhood of preventable falls.
Later it can be used to assist with transitioning your toddler into the 'big' bed.
* So compact and light all Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap babywraps can be rolled up to fit into a baby bag, handbag or car glove box.
* The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap babywraps will all fit into a portable cot, but can be used as a lightweight alternative to the portable cot.
* Twins/triplets can be placed on the same bed, at home or away.
* Ideal for boats as baby is kept safe regardless of boat movements.
Have Safe T Sleep, Will Travel! It's a Bed in a Bag!
The Classic Sleepwrap fits Bassinette, hammocks, cradle, aircraft-cradle, cot/crib, standard single mattress.
The Sleepwrap babywrap is most suitable on a good quality mattress of a minimum depth of 15-25cm. A thin, light mattress is less suitable.
The Travel and Classic Sleepwraps come with an extra safety leg piece
100% Top Quality Tested Cotton Fabric.
All white with white trim.
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