NEW Global Ikasu 7pc Japanese Knife Block Set (RRP $859)

  • $299.00

Global Ikasu Knife Block Set


With the Global Ikasu Knife Block Set in your kitchen, you're assured of having the right knife at hand to fulfil your grandest culinary ambitions. What's more, this superlative cutlery set comes complete with a convenient storage solution in the form of a handsome bamboo block.


Set Contains:

1 x Global 8cm Paring Knife

1 x Global 11cm Utility Knife

1 x Global 13cm Cooks Knife

1 x Global 14cm Vegetable Knife

1 x Global 20cm Cooks Knife

1 x Global 22cm Bread Knife

1 x Global Ikasu Bamboo Block



Each knife is painstakingly handmade by skilled artisans

The blade is ice tampered and hardened ensuring the longevity of its razor sharp edge

The superior metal is resistant to corrosion and stains

The handle is ergonomically designed for maximum grip and comfort

Each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand

Made in Japan