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Cococut Coconut Opener Tool Hole Drill Cutter Yellow

  • $23.99

Do you love the taste of fresh coconut but hate how hard it is to crack into one? Well look no further than the Cococut Coconut Opener. It will take you a matter of seconds to crack into that beautiful young coconut flesh and enjoy the benefits of coconut water at the same time!

This gadget pulls apart in to two pieces. One half is used to grip the coconut and keep it steady, while the other is used to saw down in to the coconut flesh – just turn the blade back and forth and let the saw get to work. In no time at all you’ll be sipping juice straight from the coconut.

CocoCut itself is desgined to specifically to open young fresh drinking coconuts, the Cococut takes away the need to use anything less than a sword to get in to your fruit.

Cococut Coconut Opener Features : 
- Yellow colour
- High quality stainless steel saw
- Body made from durable BPA-free plastic
- Ergonomic design for easy opening
- Dimensions: 12cm x 9.5cm